We Are Military, For Military.

Established by a former soldier with 12 years experience, this company knows you.
Maximise your financial position.
Lodge your tax return simply and easily.
Get financial planning advice specific to military members.


At Recon Finance our aim is to provide high quality and affordable taxation and financial planning services to ADF members, both past and present.


To better the lives of those who have served this country. Our vision is to improve the quality of life experienced by our servicemen, women and veterans with sound and specific financial services.


Core values of the ADF and us too.

Your job takes commitment, we’re committed to bettering your financial future.

- Recon Finance

our services

Our financial specialists understand what you do and what you can claim.
Our products are designed to suit the uniqueness of military life.
You can access us from anywhere, anytime.
Let us help you reach your financial goals and relax knowing you’re in safe hands.

Completing your tax return with Recon Finance Taxation is easy. Simply fill in the online form to have your tax processed as soon as possible.

Not sure what you can claim? No drama. Click here to access the ATO list of claimable items for ADF members. We also encourage you to enter any work related expenses you have incurred and we’ll let you know if they apply.

Do you have an investment property? Own or trade shares? No matter how complicated, we’ve got you covered. Do your best to fill in your details and we’ll contact you to sort the rest.

Not comfortable with this online stuff? That’s ok. Just flick us your contact details here and we’ll process things the paper way.


Our military experience has taught us that managing finances isn’t always high up on the priority list, and we understand. Complicated pay structuring, allowances and limitations on superannuation make it tricky. Plus, your job means high pressure and challenging environments so down time is precious.

Good financial planning is crucial in maximising wealth. Managing money is a balancing act no matter what stage of life you’re at.

Unfortunately, financial planning services can be expensive. Here at Recon Finance our aim is to facilitate access to affordable, quality financial planning advice for all ADF members.

We think you deserve to be rewarded for your service. Helping you achieve financial security and freedom is our way of giving back.

Financial Planning Services Coming Soon

Our Team

Rowan enjoyed 12 years in the army between 2000 and 2012. He is proud to have family members who have served in both World Wars. His Dad is a Vietnam Veteran who is active within DVA.

Having undertaken a degree in finance and financial planning and with experience in the finance sector, Rowan is well placed to head up the team at Recon.

Seeing firsthand the challenges of military life and a lack of good advice to navigate the unique pay structure of the ADF, Rowan saw an opportunity to give some back.

Recon Finance and Recon Finance Taxation aim to get you the best return on your tax, help you grow your assets and ensure you’re looked after now and when you finish your service.

Rowan Cooke - Director
Rowan Cooke - Director

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